Dermatensif – Rejuvenate Your Facial Appearance With Powerful Ingredients!

Dermatensif – Achieve a tight and supple skin!!!

Our skin begins to lose its firmness as we old. The skin forms deep wrinkles and dark circles. Skin develops more age spots in the aging process. There are many reasons behind it. But, you need a solution. The perfect anti aging cream is Dermatensif!!!

Our skin becomes rough because of environmental and biological factors. The negative environment factor damage our skin. This product saves your skin from these factors. It has all the fighting ingredient. It is very effective for aging signs. It nourishes your skin deeply.

More about Dermatensif:

Skin wrinkling, sagging and aging is happened because of collagen loss. Collagen is an important protein. It designs the skin structure. Young skin includes lots of collagen. It makes their skin tight. But, the old skin does not contain much. Dermatensif restart the collagen production. It makes your skin tight and glowing.

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How  Dermatensif work?

Dermatensif increase the number of peptides. Peptide has the capability to restore collagen. Collagen is the long chain of amino acid. Peptide held together the amino acid chain. The new collagen replaces the damage collagen. It boosts the collagen synthesis effectively.

Ingredients of Dermatensif:

  •  Potassium sorbate: It is a mild preservative. It is highly used in skin care formula. It fights against bacteria, fungi and other micro-organisms. It has no harmful effect on the skin.
  •  Shea butter: It has cinnamic acid and other natural substance. It is a good inflammatory ingredient. It is an incredible moisturizer. It includes fatty acid and natural vitamins.
  •  Retinyl palmitate: It is a gentle compound for sensitive skin. It converts into vitamin A. It supports the communication between skin cells. It renews your aging cells. The supplement also regenerates elastin.
  •  Tocopherol: It is widely recognized as vitamin E. It consists anti-oxidant properties too. It protects your skin from free radical damage. It is also good for gene expression and healthy immunity.
  •  Gotu kola extract: It is an ancient plant. It has healing power. It heals skin burns and wound. It acts as a skin toner. It is also good for fine lines and dark circles.

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Dermatensif benefits:

  •  Smooth your outside skin.
  •  Make your skin vibrant, radiant and young.
  •  Revive your skin texture.
  •  It makes your skin firm and tight.
  •  Decreases eye spots and wrinkles.
  •  Clinically approved formula.
  •  Hydrates skin for long period.
  •  Fully natural anti aging cream.

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Is Dermatensif safe for skin?

Dermatensif does not incorporate synthetic substance. It is examined by the FDA. The ingredients are taken from nature. The ingredients are beneficial for skin health.  Claim your suitable Dermatensif set today!!!